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Show off and discuss your current Team setup in Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter!

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  • Show off and discuss your current Team setup in Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter!

    I WAS enjoying Boogeyman, Peter Venkman, and Ray Stantz just because I was obsessed with paralyzingly the entire enemy team, at first. Mid game, I realized that's not NEARLY as effective as having a shitload of strength tiles.

    Now that I'm end game (or so I think) I'm primarily using Morgan Le Fay, Ron Alexander, and The Boogeyman. Morgan for her CRAZY amount of strength tiles, Ron to do a ton global damage AND possibly steal any enemy strength tiles, and The Boogeyman to empower all of my beloved strength tiles whenever any blue match is made any turn.

    I think The Boogeyman is OP, as long as your other teammates can take advantage of his blue passive. I'm all about his passive empowering my strength tiles. I'm also all about the confusion tiles. Confusion has won me nany, many close battles.

    I'm all about those strength tiles too (as if I had to repeat that). They can add up for and extra 200-500+ dmg PER ATTACK!!!!!!!! That is- whenever you use an ability OR whenever you make a 3 match. And when you chain, THEY CHAIN! It's so ultimate, you have to be a fool not to take advantage of that.

    Yes I'm aware I have a Tiamat who can do 2.7k dmg with one ability, yes I know I have Good Sir Stantz who can do 2.2k with one attack, but those pale in comparison to having an extra 200-500 damage adds to every little match I make AND every ability use.

    I feel like I'm the only person playing and enjoying this game so much!

    Who are you guys using and why? No one else I know plays this. I'm curious to discuss it with other players. What starts are you guys aimed at?

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    I hate facing off vs BM or phantom clown. Their passive abilities drive me crazy! However it took me for ever to get either, and by then I had maxed out other cards.

    My level one max attack is:
    Peter, for damage and trapping.
    Ray, for passive and team damage
    Taxi, zombie bite is great, drive by for team and steals blue for ray. Got me very far

    2 stars:
    Slimer: health, damage with paralyzes, massive team damage and steal blue for egon.
    Egon: great team damage, placement of hype tile with reverting enemy tiles is perfect. Also silence attack
    Eduardo: not my first choice, just first 2 star to be able to max. Big lead attack, good health and so so strength passive. But completely useless attack tile conversation. At this level, no one really uses them. However, due to maxed 2 stars and time to move to 3, don't plan on replacing him for a while. Have boogeyman and Kylie cards waiting till then.

    Now on to 3 stars,trying to figure out best combo to cover all colors off attack. So far thinking Morgan and vinz but not sure on 3rd. Guess I'll wait till those 2 are maxed to see health. Nothing worse than a team of Janine's and Louis!


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      It's interesting your making teams in tiers. I kinda just went with whatever the best character I had multiples of, to power up the most. I never thought to group my teams by tier.

      Anyway, after seeing Lou Kamaka's powers, now I want her on my team REAL BAD!!!! The Boogey Man for confuse passive and boost my beloved Strength tiles, Morgan Le Fay to place a ton more strength tiles and her blue heavy hit Lead Char ability (I don't even remember her other ability so no need to max that one), and Lou Kamaka!!!!! Not only can she also place more of my treasured Strength tiles, but she can convert enemy Special tiles to your team, AND it places more Strength tiles when you do it!!!!

      When she was powered for the daily bonus challenge, with all the special Strength and Confuse tiles I had on the board I was doing 1.5-1.8k dmg PER MATCH/ATTACK!!!!! That's ridiculous!!!!! Plus the enemy was confused when they tried to use their ability!!!! I think this is the golden team that breaks dmg records, and I will use it to the best that I can!!!

      I'm still rockin Boogie, Morgan, and Ron, until I get Lou leveled more.

      I guess I'll use 120k ice on basic packs and hope for done rare Lou drops, if she's even in there. I forget, I'll make sure to check before I spend. Also I'll have anther Tiamat to power up after this challenge is beat.

      I'm thankful this game got updated and has dailies. I'm really enjoying this game! I just hope for a vs mode to really know where my skill is. I don't know anyone else who plays this game and there isn't even a reddit chat about it last I checked.... I can't help but wonder how far from the best I am, not to gloat or get cocky, I'm just curious really.
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          I usually go with Pete and Ray for their blasting and trapping abilities and Tony Scoleri to clean up the board if someone places harmful tiles


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            They're definitely solid starters, but you need more power than 1 star characters can give you when you're further in, trying to plow through the 1900 point events for the 4 star characters.

            I'm all about special tiles. I'm using Boogeyman, Lou, and Morgan. This gives me confusion tiles whenever any purple match is made by anyone (LOVE those passive abilities!), evade tiles whenever blue is matched by anyone, and shield tiles whenever Yellow is matched by anyone.

            Also, I have Morgan's green power maxed to drop 20 Strength tiles with 22 power each! And Boogeymans OTHER passive maxed where every strength tile is increased by 22 whenever a blue match is made.

            And in case anyone else is a stickler for special tiles, I have Lou Kamaka's Roll Reversal maxed so I can convert enemy special tiles to friendly ones AND create 4 attack tiles with a force of 101 each.

            When I use Morgan's green ability twice in a row, I can get 7-8k damage PER MATCH! So I can dish out 21-36k with a long enough cascade, all in one turn. It's so OP!!!! And, Morgan's blue ability can directly cause 7-9k per pop with 1-2 uses of her green strength tile ability. She's a must have heavy hitting game breaker if you have her Blue 6 Green 6 Yellow 1. Boogeymans Utility is crazy good if you have his Yellow 1, Purple 6, and Blue 6. Lou is best for Roll Reversal but her other abilities are pretty ok too.

            If I have to use all Busters for a Buster Only event, I take out Morgana for Rachel Unglighter since she's the only other Buster with an ability that creates Strength tiles. And Ron Alexander since he can hit the whole team for 5-7k with his green ability if you have enough strength tiles out.

            If it's an an all Ghosts Event, I stick with Boogie and Morgana, and sub in Stay Puft for Lou. Mostly because his black ability eats up 18 random plain tiles and deals the damage on top of filling up my other OP color pools. And that's only at its second level! Once I have him and Rachel Unglighter maxed, I'm not going to need anyone else on my bench.

            So far I find the 3 star peeps more useful/have more utility than the 4 star characters. It's all about those passives! When combined right, it's like breaking the damage limit.