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Problem statuses for Kiwi and Me and what they mean

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  • Problem statuses for Kiwi and Me and what they mean

    The following statuses will be added to each problem topic by Beeline Employees and or the Community Moderator. Please do not add these status indicators to your own problem topics. Thank you.

    [NI]: No Information
    • There is no information to share about this problem at this time.

    [NP]: Not a Problem
    • This is not a problem and the game is working as the Studio intended.

    [AP]: Acknowledged Problem
    • The problem has been acknowledged by the Studio and an investigation is underway to identify the issue.

    [FP]: Fix in Progress
    • The problem has been identified by the Studio and they are working on a solution. The problem should be fixed in a future update.

    [PS]: Problem Solved
    • The problem was investigated and a solution to the problem was found. A fix for the problem was implemented through a recent update.