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Random kiwi and me cit chat room

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  • Random kiwi and me cit chat room

    Hi , I've been playing the game since it came out and love it. Great fun

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    That level 20 and 37, very good challenge, at the moment I'm stuck trying to beat level 37, might need some boosters for those ones


    • Amberglass
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      I'm stuck on level 36... I just can't get that bottom flower to bloom!
      I love this game though....

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    I completed the final level a few weeks ago. Waiting patiently for the update that I hope will add new levels. I was replaying previous levels to collect eggs, but I quickly became bored doing that. I do, however, LOVE Kiwi. She is adorable!!!!


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      Hi Team, I'm playing on both iPhone 5 and iPad mini 1st gen, level 48 on iPhone and level 38 on mini, from last update fix I've had no crashes or any problems at all, thankyou for fixing, I look foreword to the next update.


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        Hi all, i started playing yesterday and have much fun... Level 20 drives me crazy... Little bit more as 20 tries so far and end up two times with 1 crystal... Played the other levels to get three stars and all eggs... So far all eggs ... But none at level 1 and no luck with level 20... But i try it!!! Actually i don't want to start playing because of the button in SV... But it's so cute...


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          • LightofFire
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            It happened 5!!! Times... But now... I solved it! Very happy!

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          I'm still playing daily, been stuck on this level for 2weeks, I observed no issues in recent update probably made 3 or 4 small purchases since first downloading, but now I think I'll need some boosters.