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Can someone answer my questions about the future of Ghostbusters?

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  • Can someone answer my questions about the future of Ghostbusters?

    Quite some time ago I emailed Beeline about one of their titles and have been awaiting an answer for I think two weeks now. Does the staff ever read emailed queries and reply?

    After I wrote my review which was prompted by software nagging, I read what others were saying about the game. One review stuck with me. The person said purchases aren't carried over if you have to reinstall the game.
    While I am enjoying it, and want to pay to speed up research & buy add-ons. I don't want to feel I've wasted money if ever I have to reinstall the software.
    Is this flaw ever going to be corrected?
    Second as I wrote in my review. Please keep this compatible with iOS 5.1 and under. You know from notes which iPad I'm using.
    Looking forward to your reply,

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    Hi. Unfortunately, Ghostbusters is considered a legacy title and such there are no updates currently planned for the future.


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      Huh, you quoted in my email to the post. So given no updates will happen. Is it true purchases only stand on the current installion of software the to the hardware?


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        Hi again. That sounds correct. To have your purchases restored, you would need to contact Customer Support.