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How do I complete Papa Smurfs' quest to "Dig up a Crater"?

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  • How do I complete Papa Smurfs' quest to "Dig up a Crater"?

    What does papa smurf mean by "Dig up a Crater"? I did it many times but nothing happening help me pls

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    I think maybe Papa wants you to dig up a crate from a crater on the planet, which you do by touching the question make over the crater and choosing a method of uncovering it. If you have done this many times and it hadn't worked, perhaps you could take a picture of Papa's request and post it here so we can see exactly what he's requesting.


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      Thank u Cupcake))


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        Hello Beeline or anyone whose a smurfberry village player, I have been a smurf village fan and player for many years now. The game requires a lot of patience but it's fun. I've even invested money on it buying smurfberries. I'm only on level 54 but anxiety anticipate the next levels. Today I experienced for the first time ever (but twice now after resetting my iPhone 6 as I thought I might have needed to do that to resolve the issue but the problem only happened again when launching the app). Anyway the problem is that I received The welcome message when I launched the app. Which I initially launched because I received notifications from all the land expansions, eg. Island, mountain, swoof plane and village that projects were complete and the garden was ready to be harvest. however the issue I encountered was that when the app opened the village, papa smurf welcomed me as if I were playing and opening the app for the very first time ever. I went through the intro story and my village and expantions looked as they should. Everything is placed where I had it including the special character huts BUT even though I've got all the special character smurfberry huts the actual characters themself seem to be missing. Eg. Scary, reporter, sweepy, clumsy. I also can not travel to the island, the mountain and swoof plant also did their intro when visiting them this time also as if I were visiting them for the first time AND WHATS WORSE IS that in all of Those I'm being asked to complete/do quests that are old/ starting from the beginning quests, that I've already had to do to continue and done as the levels missions appear as I progress through quests of those levels completed upto level 54 at a completed 12% of that level. In swoof planet my crater holes have disappeared. It's a big mess. Please help. It's a lot of problems so feel free to contact me for clarifications. Thank you in advance for your patience and support. respectfully a fan. Ps: Forgot to mention that I'm new to this forum and don't know how to post /start /ask a question on its own without a reply.
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