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[NP] Increase the XP limit of the Critter Storage on the Planet

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  • [NP] Increase the XP limit of the Critter Storage on the Planet

    I would love it if the XP limit for the Critter Storage on Planet Swoof is raised, from 10,000 XP to maybe about 40,000 - 50,000 XP. Here are my reasons:

    a) Whilst I understand why the Critter Storage on the Main Village is capped (caterpillars/snails can be bought with coins and thus XP gained would almost be unlimited), I believe the situation on Planet Swoof is different. We gain critters by hatching eggs. These eggs are hard to come by as it is, and it is so hard to make a decision to delete the eggs for the character limit.

    b) It seems unfair that we have to forgo XP gained from Egg Critters, as it is a matter of luck we get eggs or not - I know eggs can be bought with Smurfberries, but I think majority of Smurfy players are not inclined to spend hundreds of Smurfberries on eggs (if I'm wrong, I'm sorry)!

    c) We cannot tell what kind of critters we will hatch with the eggs. Let's stay Beeline pushes out new critters to be hatched (and it's a reasonable assumption), and we will have to keep hatching in order to get the new critters, or purchase new eggs that might hatch the same old critter that we've already got. It seems like we should not be "penalised" by forgoing XP if that is the case.

    Errr...I hope I made sense!

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    Hi Jyannis. Regardless of how the Critters were obtained, the XP limit on the Critter Storage is a necessary trade off. Without it, players would be able to have the full benefits of both the Critters and their Smurfs at the same time.


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      What if we had to pay in smurfberries to upgrade our critter storage?

      Lets say 10sm to reach lvl 20K, 20sm to reach lvl 30K and cap it at 100K.... and could only reach the next lvl if we bought the previous lvl.
      There is a 100K xp limit with the crystals on the mountain, can we have the same w the critters on the planet? After all we obtain them the same way as we obtain the gems on the mountain.
      Im guessing there might be a few who would be interested and a lot who would buy the first few levels

      (Im making a suggestion against my own pocket and the pockets of the other players but one that might make decision making more interesting for Beeline)


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        Great idea bloodbandit, I would favor upgrading our critter storage with sb's or even a paid one like the crystal grinder (but please DON'T grind our critters). On higher levels, it takes millions of xp's to level up and 10k xp doesn't cut it anymore.


        • bloodbandit
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          Exactly! When I "grind up" the 100K worth of gems I dont even see a difference on my % indicator! (And Im only lvl 56)

          Maybe make it so that you can only get this upgrade feature for the storage AFTER u reach lvl 50 in the game?

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        +1/just finally give us a way to delete critters or hive us finance smurf from the other thread and let ud trsde/sell them. The biggest issue was you made us get the critters for the goals but then we cant get rid of them, so at least storing more helps.


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          Hi Minmaxer, welcome to forum. Not sure if you're aware of this but if you really want to vote for an idea you should "like" the openening post 😉. Commenting isn't what makes Beeline know the difference if an idea is popular or not. Only noticed this because this thread hasn't got a "like" yet while you obviously support it 😊