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What is the current Max Level in Snoopy's Street Fair?

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  • What is the current Max Level in Snoopy's Street Fair?

    What level does Street Fair currently go up to until it says MAX?

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    Several updates ago, the Max level was raised extremely high. Since then, the Studio has not disclosed what the current Max level is. There are several players who have reached over 100, and even more still into the 110-120 range.


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      Thank you for answering my question. It is so annoying as i thought it would be around 85 but then i hit level 86 its takes me 10 days to go up one level. Is there any quicker way. It does not help that there are no more updates! Same for candy town but i have maxed out there!


      • the cat next door
        the cat next door commented
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        Hi John! There really isn't anything to rush through levels for anymore--you don't earn more and there aren't any new items to unlock. All you get is the 2 Snoopy Dollars at each level. There are players over level 230 but you still don't get anything more than that. We're just enjoying the game and the forum now.

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      Reached LEVEL 1000 MAX playing 847 days. The only reason to continue now is not to lose the play streak. Not cool!!


      • ern57
        ern57 commented
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        Congratulations!! 🎉🎉

      • Ginger
        Ginger commented
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        Wow!!! That's really unbelievable. So now we know. 1,000 is the Max Level.

        Thanks for telling us Daddy!!!

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      Wow! When the studio said they added "lots of levels" I guess they meant it!! You've really been flying through, to reach that in 847 days! ‼️🙀