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[NI] Lost all of my progress and purchases in Snoopy's Street Fair after making some changes to iCloud settings on my iPad

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  • [NI] Lost all of my progress and purchases in Snoopy's Street Fair after making some changes to iCloud settings on my iPad

    I lost all my levels after using Street Fair every day for 4 years. I changed some iCloud settings and the app claims my data is corrupted and offers me a server backup from 2014. I've sent several messages to tech support through the web site since early last week, and haven't gotten any response. My Time Machine backup is also not available and the only backup of my iPad on iTunes includes the corruption. Although there's clearly something wrong, there's a tremendous amount of data such as level files, images, and so on in the iPad backup, and I imagine it's only a matter of poking some value in the server related to the identity of the user or device which was changed due to changing the icloud settings. Please help me get the attention of support and ask them to help me. I'm devastated!!

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    Hi cvw! I too would be devastated if I lost my game after 4 years! I've been playing for over 3 and felt awful about losing my daily playing streak, I can't imagine losing my whole game! You can try sending a private message to Spelling Bee, the community moderator. She's mostly dealing with SV now but does check things out for us now and then. Good luck!


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      Hi Cvw. Unfortunately, Snoopy's Street Fair is no longer supported by Beeline Customer Support and is no longer even available to download from the App Store. Can you please give me a bit more detail about the data being corrupted and the game offering you a backup from 2014?

      Snoopy's Street Fair servers are still up and running, and as long as you have made a visit to the neighbor/friend map recently, there might be a way to recover your Fair. It's technically the same steps as recovering your progress on a new iOS. I'll paste in those steps below.

      Download the app on your new device. Play through the tutorial portion of the game until you reach the point where you can visit the friend section. Once you are there, make sure you are using the same account (Facebook or Game Center) that you used on your previous device and sign in using that info. If you had visited the neighbor map on your old device recently, you should be met with a pop-up window telling you that you have a higher level fair on Beeline's servers. It will also ask if you if would like to use that Fair instead. Choose yes.

      If you don't see that, then you don't have a backup of your fair saved to Beeline's servers and you may need to start over.