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When will Snoopy's Street Fair be updated?

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  • When will Snoopy's Street Fair be updated?

    When will you update 2016 Snoopy Street Fair? Very Soon I Hope! Dedicated Snoopy Fan.

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    Hi Love Snoopy! I'm very sorry but Snoopy's Street Fair won't be updated anymore. Beeline let us know last year that they were done developing it. This was very sad news because many of us were (and still are) dedicated players. It really is a great game! There is a small but devoted group of us left posting in the Chit Chat thread if you'd like to go check it out.


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      Hello L💭ve Snoopy, ~:🍥*~ will update Snoopy news for Fans.


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        Well, I wish they would reconsider updating it. My iPad keeps requesting for it. Also, I need more space to put my lawn attractions on (I got all the Mini-builds and the mini-zoo), plus I missed out on getting the Valentine's Day Special Stand by accident, and really wanted that to complete my holiday stands...


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          Hi CCB! I tapped this forum by mistake this morning and saw your post. The SSF players use the forum on the Bongfish site now, since last Nov. It was uncertain how long this forum would be up since Beeline no longer owns SSF. There is still a small group of us who play and chat on the other forum if you would like to check it out. I think the link is on this forum home page under "forum has moved". On the Bongfish site, our thread is in the Smurfs Village section, "Off-topic chat for Smurts Village and Snoopy's Street Fair players". Hope to see you there!