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[ND] Please let us hire and use regular Humans to staff our Zombie Cafe

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  • [ND] Please let us hire and use regular Humans to staff our Zombie Cafe

    This is a very basic idea and I need your guys' help to develop it.

    I have played ZombieCafe for countless hours and spent even more money on toxin in in-app purchases(Oops). I have always thought the idea to allow the players to hire human staff either from other players or a type of catalog would be an awesome addition to the functionality of the game. This is a great idea for the app as well because it is a very simple task by adding the enemy cafe waiters with retextured appearances and unique stats and salary rates, but it is also a great idea because it has the capability to open Zombie Cafe to a whole new audience. The humans would not lose energy over time like the zombies but would require a daily salary or something like that. Please keep this idea in mind.

    In the first photo I have edited and overlaid a couple of photos of a sample cafe on my iPad to show a possible outcome for the game with human staff. The second photo is a possible idea for the catalog or menu where you would hire said employees. Reply if you'd like to add on to the idea or have any issues with viewing the photos. If you'd like to further contact me for any reason, send me a private message.
    Link To Cafe Example Idea:
    Link to Catalog Idea:
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